Monday, July 18, 2011


whatever happens, we'll know that we have done all that we could to bring you home…

"Is anything too hard for God?"
Jeremiah 32:27

Sunday, July 17, 2011

emigration permits and adoption petitions…

On Friday, our agency sent out a monthly update for the Korea program families. MORE bad news for those of us waiting on EP's - Korea will not be issuing any for the month of July. Two months in a row with no movement for those unfortunate families and their children who are waiting to be united. At this point, it almost seems like good news for our predicament because at this rate (and assuming Holt grants us special permission to continue with our adoption), Zoe would not be coming home to us until next spring - allowing us time to adjust to a newborn and continue getting ready for Zoe's arrival. 

There is a lot of negativity these days on the Holt bulletin board (a place where adoptive families can post topics and questions) and I can totally sympathize with and understand where these women are coming from. HOWEVER, at the same time I would like to hormonally scream at the top of my lungs "At least your agency is not threatening to terminate your adoption!". So, these days for my own sanity I'm staying off the bulletin board and focusing my energy on what will make a difference - our petition.

Last week, we received our government approval to adopt Zoe. This should be good news - and it is – except for all the looming uncertainty.

Last week we also received 19 support letters! Every single one I read gives me renewed hope for our situation. I can only pray that Holt sees the light. MANY THANKS to everyone who has written a letter and is working on that this week for us! There is still time if you want to get in on the action. I'm making copies of all of these letters so that one day, we can hopefully share them with Zoe and show her how much she is loved.

Also last week, I was brought into contact with a family who went through this exact same scenario (with a different agency). She shared their plan of action with us and we will be using some of their same ideas for our petition. Their story is amazing…they were adopting from Ethiopia and became pregnant in the process, received special approval from their agency to continue the adoption, brought their son home and a few months later gave birth to their biological child. It's a beautiful story! I pray ours will have the same ending…

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zoe Petition Update

Because of our agency's recent tightening of their "reigns" over our adoption with Zoe, we have become motivated to get our petition packages together SOONER rather than later.

Our contact at Holt's most recent move was to deny us access to any additional information on Zoe – such as her updated photos and her monthly well baby clinic reports. 

I'm frustrated to the max! FACT: In 1955 the founders of Holt International adopted 8 children from Korea SIMULTANEOUSLY. I think we can handle two!! I also wonder what Harry and Bertha Holt would say about all this?

I can't even begin to explain how much more determined this makes me to see this looming termination of our adoption overturned. 

So, the reason for this post is to plead with those of you who have committed to writing petition letters to PLEASE have them notarized and to us ASAP. We hope to have everything ready to send to Holt in the next two weeks!

Doomsday is August 25 and we need to give the powers that be at Holt plenty of time to reconsider their decision. 

We are leaving the outcome up to God because only He can work out the details that will need to take place for us to adopt Zoe. Trusting him for the outcome…


On a side note, I am 7 weeks pregnant today with a human the size of a blueberry. 
Could that have any correlation as to why I am devouring blueberry bagels every day…? 

Monday, July 11, 2011

love can move mountains

some inspiration for Zoe this morning…
(we are not giving up on you, baby girl!)


A cynical mind
Won't help you through the night
And it can't hold you up
When you're too tired to fight

Where you didn't have the strength
To look after yourself
You find all that you need
For somebody else
(But love can move mountains)

That impossible task
You're thinking of
Is one you can complete
When you're driven by love

And the strength that you find
Won't go slipping away
Once it enters your soul
It's re-born every day

(Love can move mountains)

So if you're lucky enough to live
To see love come your way
Be thankful every day
That it stays
Love that it stays

A cynical mind
Won't help you through the night
And it can't hold you up
When you're too tired to fight

(But love can move mountains)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

call to action / and baby makes…4?

Seven months ago we signed a 12 page legal contract with our adoption agency. One of the points on that contract explained that a pregnancy would result in the termination of your adoption process. I thought "how terrible would that be" but didn't think we would need to worry about that. Boy, has that moment come back to haunt me.

I realize that this is a strange way to announce a pregnancy which is supposed to be a joyful time and not overshadowed by devastating news that our precious baby girl's adoption could potentially be terminated when I reach 13 weeks (which happens to be near the end of August for those who like to do math). Talk about an overwhelming range of emotions in the span of a few hours this past Thursday afternoon.

One glimmer of hope is that we know our agency has made exceptions to this policy in the past. We are also so blessed to be working with a very dedicated social worker who supports our commitment to adopt our daughter 100%. 

We believe very strongly that God orchestrated the referral of our sweet "veggie baby" and in our hearts, she is already our daughter. Saying that and clinging to the knowledge that our agency has made exceptions in the past, we have developed a plan to petition Holt for our daughter's adoption.

This is where we need YOUR help!

Phase one of "Operation Bring Home Baby Zoe" (previously referred to as "veggie baby" - yes, we finally decided on a name!) will be to compile as many SUPPORT letters as possible from friends and family with the following information:
1. First, a
ddress your letter to Holt International
and state something positive about Brad and I (such as our passion for adoption and the support of orphans, etc.)

2. Your belief that we are capable of raising two babies - special needs or not.

3. What you will volunteer to do to help us make our adoption a success after Zoe is home.

4. Then sign and date the letter and include your address and phone number as well so someone could contact you to verify your support.

5. Finally, have your letters notarized and get them to Brad or I.  (I can provide our mailing address if needed) 

We are relying on your help! We hope to send these compiled letters straight to the desk of Holt's president ASAP to petition for our daughter's adoption. If you are willing and able to help us and baby Zoe in this way, please email me here and I will gladly send you our mailing address.

As amazing a miracle that this pregnancy is in our eyes (and the fertility specialists who gave us zero hope over a year ago), adoption was never our "Plan B". The fact that we are now adding to our family through birth in no way changes our desire and commitment to adopt our adored Zoe girl from Korea. I believe with all of my heart that God has called us to adopt and that the circumstances surrounding Zoe's referral where completely ordained of God. We know he can move this mountain for us because "Faithful is he that calls you, who also will do it."
1 Thessalonians 5:24

Please pray for our "veggie baby", our "miracle baby" and our future "China baby" as well as for us to be able to accept whatever happens down the road. Your support and prayers are so deeply appreciated!