Monday, August 13, 2012

TRAVEL CALL and other divine appointments…

Brad and I were eating lunch at home on Friday and not even expecting a travel call since we had been disappointed for three days waiting and wondering if the call would ever come. We assumed we would have another long weekend to get through without any news…but then at exactly 12:42, the crazy ring tone I had assigned to our agency started blaring from its spot on the kitchen table. We both froze and kind of looked at each other almost not believing this could really be it. The girl from our agency told me she had good news for us and I probably broke her ear drum with my pig squeals of emotion…sorry, Stephanie. Then it was down to business and we started making our flight arrangements which literally took the next several hours. But we are happy to announce that a week from today, we will become a family of four. This still seems surreal and we have tons to get ready before we leave for Seoul but we have never been more excited for a 13 hour plane ride!


I was contacted out of the blue a couple weeks ago by a fellow adoptive mama who said she had found my blog and a post I had made when we started our adoption process. It was about the little boy in China that we were sponsoring through Bethany Christian Services. She believed that the boy they adopted was the same boy that we had sponsored for months. After I sent her all the reports we had received on him, it was clear that he was indeed the same little boy. How awesome is that!? I love that God connected us and that we were able to play a small role in his development while this sweet family waited to bring him home! 

Consider sponsoring a child through an adoption agency - it really does make a difference!


  1. sooooooo happy for you! you'll be in my prayers - especially for that bonding time -it's priceless! please email if you need anything!

  2. What an awesome story!!!! Congratulations on your travel call.

  3. Surely you are home by now. Would love to see pictures of Zoe in your arms! Hope things are going well!

    Sue Smith

  4. Its tragedy or story .. OMG but i like to travel their

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