Friday, January 13, 2012

Zoey's progress!

This week we unexpectedly received a "progress report" on Zoey from our agency! It included an entire page of info describing her development and personality, living environment and foster family and some encouraging (but also confusing) details regarding her diet and PKU diagnosis. 

I already knew it, but it sounds like Zoey is going to be the PERFECT FIT for our family. She likes watching commercials and cartoons and shows interest in computers by sneaking into the foster brother's room to turn his on. She loves toys with sound and "insists" on being handed the phone when it rings. *smile* It is clear her foster family is doing a GREAT job with her and they all LOVE her very much. It is going to be bittersweet when the day comes for us to actually travel to Korea and bring her home. WE will be the strangers/bad guys who are taking Zoey away from the family she has come to love and attach herself to over the last year of her life. Unfortunately the longer we wait and the older she becomes, the harder this transition will be. So until then, we are doing our research to prepare for this transition and learning the best ways to bond and attach with her as her FOREVER family. It's not going to be an easy process but it will all be worth it. We're up for the challenge of becoming a family of 4 with God's help!

We set up an appointment with our metabolic specialists in February to review her medical records and set up a plan for when Zoey is home with us. The confusing yet optimistic part of her "progress report" described her diet which is NO LONGER low protein as a toddler with PKU would be expected to eat. We know she was put on a medication for PKU that has the ability to allow some patients to breakdown protein more efficiently. It will be interesting to see what our specialists here have to say about putting a young toddler on this drug…even though it may make our life easier, I'm definitely not a drug pusher and realize that every drug has the potential for adverse side effects, etc. *and now stepping off my soap box* So again, time will tell…we are waiting on some clarification from Korea on her medical records and current PKU diagnosis. We are just thanking God that she is happy, above average developmentally and healthy. We love you, Zoey!

To me, this Bible verse reads more like a fortune cookie, but I love it…

As cold water 
to a weary soul, 
so is good news 
from a far country.

Proverbs 25:25 

ok, who's up for dim sum? :)

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  1. This is so exciting for all of us! Knowing that feeling of wait, I know it can be hard, but it teaches us to trust the Lord SOOO much!

    Love from our family to yours!