Saturday, March 31, 2012

room to grow and other news

Our journey to Zoey has been an exciting event-filled one and it feels like it has been forever since we first saw her sweet face in our referral package. Our "fight" to adopt her after we became pregnant was very stressful and time consuming but it was worth it in the end - not only because Zoey will officially be our daughter soon but because we were able to offer insite to another adoptive family who ended up in the same situation! We offered our personal experience to help them petition for the continued adoption of their child - and they succeeded! It made me so thrilled to know our trial helped another couple and their future child - another double miracle!

And today I shipped off what are hopefully the last two care packages for Zoey before she comes home - one to Korea and the other to a friend who is traveling for her son very soon and offered to deliver a package for us. Thanks a ton, Jen!

Zoey's room is almost complete except for a few finishing touches, so I thought I'd share what she has waiting for her. It's my favorite room in the house! And yes, I applied those vinyl wall decals when I was 7 months pregnant…while balancing on a ladder. #motherlybrag (btw, I'm instigating the use of hash tags in blog posts - starting NOW) #Idon'tevenusetwitteranddon'treallygiveatwit

I hope she likes it as much as I do…

thank you, Craigslist
Max's Moses basket now doubles as a toy box


  1. Love! You can come decorate rooms for me anytime. :)
    Any idea when you will be traveling?

  2. It's beautiful! Fantastic job Katie!~ laura ballard