Saturday, March 17, 2012

get the ball rolling

Something (or someone) has been butting into my blogging time these days. *enter Max*

Our little package, big surprise entered our lives 2.5 weeks before "schedule". I guess he ran out of room in there. Thankfully. Or maybe he wanted to hurry up and meet his big sister Zoey. But don't we all feel that way...

Thankfully Korea has started issuing EPs for these sweet babies who are now "toddlers" so they can be united with their forever families. We are hopeful that we will be able to travel for Zoey by early summer. She continues to do well on her PKU medication and is growing like a weed according to her latest well baby check report. Unfortunately we haven't received any updated photos of her in months and it's driving me nuts. I may be overcompensating by taking ridiculous amounts of photos of Max.

The timing is ultimately in God's hands. But please continue to pray for the many families who are still waiting to bring their children home and for the transition time after that. It will be challenging but so rewarding in the end.

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  1. congrats, exciting that max is here and zoey will be soon. you will be a great mom!