Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 week down…

It's been 1 WEEK since Zoey's EP was approved by the government. Only 3-12 weeks until we travel. WHOA…

My list is a mile long. 

Actually, I haven't even started my list. I'm just trying to get through this work week. I'm thankful for the work and so thankful I can do it from home while I take care of Max. The business name "Creative Night Owls" seems even more appropriate these days.

It's 1 pm in Korea…I bet Zoey is eating lunch. I bet she eats A LOT.

God is so good it blows my mind. Talking with our metabolic specialist yesterday, it's possible that she will not need to continue the medication she is currently on to manage the disorder. We will have to run test and experiment with diet once she is home but the possibility of her being able to lead a fairly normal life without drugs is so unbelievable! 

I don't know where the time has gone, but Max is 5 months old today. Flipping unbelievable. He is super and we're getting used to taking care of one kid, so it's time to add another. Come home soon, Zoey!

I HAVE A PREMONITION! Quite frequently these come true and it tends to scare me a little. 

So, here it is - on August 15th last year, our agency made an exception for us to continue with Zoey's adoption. *hallelujah chorus*  I think we will be in Korea this year on August 15th…it may even be the day we meet Zoey. Time will tell, but you heard it here first.

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