Thursday, July 26, 2012

more groundhog days…

with the exception of our time advocating for our daughter's adoption, this is definitely the hardest point in our journey to Zoe.

we are so stinking close but still separated from her by half a world! she is growing up in pictures. and we don't get enough updates to ease the pain of that reality.

the only thing we are waiting on to travel is a visa interview and a phone call.

I call D.C. almost every day politely asking "can you tell me if my daughter's visa interview has been scheduled yet?". and still…nothing.

in the meantime, these crazy parents (i.e. myself) have decided to revert back to our original spelling of "Zoe". yay! I love it - seems more modern and elegant to me.

 don't you just love that I brand my children?

wouldn't you love for me to brand yours?

just ask :)

(more on THAT in a following post)

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