Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"labor" pains

This part of Zoe's adoption is worse than being 41 weeks pregnant and waiting for labor to start. 

The symptoms, however, are freakishly similar…lack of sleep, irritability, hot flashes…at least I'm not physically huge and uncomfortable this time around, but the emotions and mental unrest is 100 times more challenging.

The only thing we are waiting on is for Zoe's visa interview and our travel call. That's it. We are so close but still seem so far away.

So, what am I doing to pass the time these days…enjoying my one-on-one time with the sweet but spoiled baby Max, making lists - A LOT of lists, working on re-branding and brain storming some new fund raising ideas for Zoe and our future adoptions, and of course, trying to stay calm. 

But mostly, I'm on board the crazy train, people. That travel call could happen any day now. Maybe tomorrow!

It's been two months since an update from Korea and I need some new photos of our girl. This still doesn't seem real. Maybe it will sink in once Zoe is home and I see her and Max playing together and causing ruckus. 

But through it all, God is good and continues to provide. I am blessed.


  1. You are so close. This last part is TOUGH! It won't be long now. God is good!


  2. Hi-seems like we are in the same boat. We too are waiting on our visa interview and travel call. and yes, so close yet so far away! How old is your son? Are you guys planning on bringing him with? We have a 4 year old and can't decide if we should concentrate on our daughter while in Korea and bring him along to have those first moments as a family of four. Anyway, just wondering what others think. :)christe