Thursday, August 02, 2012

calling all donations…and some Zoe love

We have received some donations to take to Korea and wanted to post their current top needs. We still have room for additional items, so if anyone would like to donate something, we would be happy to haul them overseas!

1. SPECIAL NEED - Ergo Baby Carries (or similar) - new or gently used
2. Gerber Rice Cereal (single grain) - Single gain rice cereal is an urgent, important and ongoing need for Holt Korea.
3. Finger food snacks such as Gerber puffs (sweet potato is a good flavor) or Gerber Lil' Crunchies (mild cheddar is a popular flavor).
4. Baby & toddler Clothing - They need preemie (new born) until 2T, 3T. There is a greater need for boys clothes than girls clothing. As children are staying in care longer, the need for older baby and toddler clothing has grown. Please send new clothes.

What a week this has been - full of disappointing phone calls to DC. (sometimes twice a day because that's how crazed I am at this point) And then today, it came to our attention that we had missed an email from our agency in April that contained 8 of the most amazing photos of Zoe! My heart…it is hard watching her grow up in photos. She needs to be home. now. I showed Max her pictures on my larger than life monitor and he smiled hugely and acted crazy excited. I think he's ready for his big sister. I can't wait to see these two together. soon. and now the bragging can begin…

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